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Vampire: The Masquerade 5E

Sent to rescue his best friend’s kidnapped mother, detective-turned-vampire Everett Fry accidentally ends up the sheriff of New Haven: an experimental town that’s finding out if vampires and humans can co-exist. Stuck leading a ragtag group of officers: the Brujah bounty hunter Val, the Gangrel news reporter Evangeline, and the Tremere blood-witch Doris - can Everett keep New Haven running? Or will the sheriff’s department fail and see the town destroyed by its enemies or liquidated by the vampire council of Canada?!

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Our HeroeS

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Everett Fry

Tyler Hewitt - he/him

The Season 2 portrait of a vampiric Everett Fry.

After surviving Montreal, Everett is sent to New Haven to rescue Ridley's kidnapped mother. (he/him)

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Val Miller

Del Borovic - she/any


A vampire bounty hunter for the Camarilla before she joined New Haven's sheriff department. She loves her adopted son, her 2015 Dodge Charger and that's it. (she/her)

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Evangeline Clarke

Laura Hamstra - she/her

A portrait of Evangeline Clarke, a former TV weather person.

A former TV weather person who was forced to become a vampire and is determined to hang onto her normal life. (she/her)

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Doris Frances Barbara


A portrait of Doris.

A Tremere who escaped her clan by serving Cleopatra, before she became the the Camarilla's most easily distracted cop when Cleopatra was murdered. (she/her)

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Ryan LaPlante - he/him

A portrait of this season's Vampire: The Masquerade's Storyteller, Ryan LaPlante.

Founder of New Haven and the voice that launched the season.

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Tom McGee - he/him

A portrait of Storyteller, Tom McGee.

Storyteller extraordinaire, escaping the sun and returning to the night.

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