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Jesters of Ravenloft

Dungeons & Dragons 5E

  • Twitch

Jesters of Ravenloft is a D&D 5e podcast where a group of improvisers and comedians are thrust into a D&D campaign only to find out that THEY are the characters - and their sketch comedy troupe now has to escape the nightmare that is Ravenloft.

Streams on Twitch every Wednesday at 830pm EDT.

2 new episodes drop every Friday.

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Our HeroeS

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Tyler Hewitt

Tyler Hewitt - he/him


A comedian, a gentleman, and an all-around nice guy.

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Del Borovic

Del Borovic - she/any


An artist, a stage manager, and the only reason the others haven't died yet.

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Guy Bradford

Guy Bradford - he/him


A comedian, a mad-man, and he's obsessed with the movie "Hook."

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Adam McNamara

Adam McNamara - he/him


A comedian, an 80's pop culture mega-fan, and he loooooves Robocop.

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Dungeon Master

Ryan LaPlante - he/him


A narrative designer, writer and improviser - he's the madness behind the mists.

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