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Meet the people behind the voices, images, edits, and more!

The Cast and Crew

A headshot of Executive Producer Ryan LaPlante
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Ryan LaPlante

Producer, GM,

All Shows

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Del Borovic


Sister Mina, Morgan (TVH)
Val (B&S)

Del (JoR)

Headshot of Player, Megan Miles
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Megan Miles


Iris Dunn (B&S)
Brynn (DDD)

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Tom McGee

Executive Producer, DM/GM, Player/Host

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Guy Bradford


N-Gage311 (DSV)
Ranger (DDD)

Guy (JoR)

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Kristen Hewitt

Public Relations

Social Media, Marketing

Headshot of Supervising Sound Editor, Laura Hamstra
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Laura Hamstra

Supervising Sound Editor, Player/Host

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Adam McNamara


Wokka Wokka Fonzie (DSV)
Prince Mudbutt (DDD)

Adam (JoR)

Logo of Associate Graphic Designed, DecapitatedMrkr
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Associate Graphic Designer

Show Logos: Garbage Town, One Shots, DSV

Headshot of Associate Producer, Tyler Hewitt
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Tyler Hewitt

Associate Producer, Player/Host

All Shows

Headshot of Player, Clare Blackwood
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Clare Blackwood


Doris (B&S)
Red (Mythos)

Guest Stars

Headshot of Guest, Mo Mo O'Brien

Mo Mo O'Brien

Doddle (DDD)


Headshot of Guest, Julian Frid

Julian Frid

Gary (DDD)

Headshot of Guest, Jonah Calhoun

Jonah Calhoun

Mr. Mittens (DDD)

Headshot of Guest, Brandon Hackett

Brandon Hackett

Lil' Pim Pim (DDD)


Headshot of Guest, Alex Pinto

Alex Pinto

Captain Roberts (DDD)

Headshot of Guest, Jamie O'Connor

Jamie O'Connor

Jacob Goodbark (DDD)

Headshot of Guest, Alysa King

Alysa King

Moonhammer (DDD)

Headshot of Guest, Eric Turkienicz

Eric Turkienicz

Tornado Town Terrance (DDD)

Headshot of Guest, Kat Letwin

Kat Letwin

Not Petyr Baelish (DDD)

Headshot of Guest, Dave Miller

Dave Miller

Pol Ka (DDD)

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