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Hack N Slash

A Monster of the Week Actual Play

Oct 6th, 2023 @ 9PM EST on Twitch

HACK N SLASH is a four-part improvised comedic mini-series. This “Monster of the Week” adventure features four monsters who find out they’re being replaced by upgraded versions of themselves and must fight to stay alive.​

We’re thrilled for HACK N SLASH to be our first series completely recorded in our new production studio in Toronto, Canada. If you love horror movies, monsters and the Halloween season, this series is full of deep-cut references you'll love while still being accessible for people who are here for jokes. 


Episodes of HACK N SLASH will stream on our Twitch channel, with video-on-demand episodes launching on YouTube and Spotify the following week. Members of the cast will also join the stream in a watch party during the premiere.​


Not a fan of the horror genre? Our cast includes lifelong horror fans as well as performers who listed Ernest Scared Stupid as their favorite horror film - so there's something here for everyone.​


To be reminded of the show closer to the premiere date, follow us on any of our social channels, subscribe to our Twitch channel, or join our mailing list below.👇



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Bloody Mark

Josh Halbot- he/him

Josh Halbot - Bloody Mark.png

Blood Mary's bro.

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Dr. Belladonna

 Pam Sparrow- she/they

Pam Sparrow - The Boogeywoman.png

Allergic to... everything.

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Kevin Hanna - he/him

Kevin Hanna - Tailspin.png

A living kite trying to understand the human world.

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Del Borovic - she/any

Del Borovic - The Shadow Lady.png

Prefers to be called, "Ess".

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The Keeper

Ryan LaPlante - he/him

Ryan LaPlante - DM.png

Also known as the Dungeon Master.

What is Monster of the Week?

Monster of the Week (MotW) is a tabletop role-playing game (RPG) system designed for players who want to emulate the style and themes of classic monster-hunting and paranormal investigation stories, such as those found in TV shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Supernatural," or "The X-Files." It's a narrative-driven game that draws inspiration from these genres and allows players to take on the roles of hunters or investigators who face supernatural threats.


Some key features and characteristics of Monster of the Week RPG:

Narrative Focus

MotW emphasizes storytelling and collaborative world-building. Players are encouraged to contribute to the narrative and shape the story through their actions and decisions.


Instead of traditional character classes or professions, players choose playbooks, which represent archetypal hunter or investigator roles. These playbooks provide unique abilities, skills, and character traits that define their characters' abilities and roles in the group.


Mystery Structure

Each session or "mystery" typically revolves around investigating and dealing with a specific supernatural threat, such as a monster, ghost, or paranormal phenomenon. The game provides guidelines for constructing these mysteries and encourages the use of clues and investigations to unravel the story.


Combat and Magic

While combat can be a part of MotW, it's not the central focus. The game is designed to allow for a variety of approaches to dealing with supernatural threats, including combat, negotiation, and research. Some playbooks may have access to magical or supernatural abilities.



The game master (GM) in MotW is called the "Keeper." The Keeper is responsible for creating the overarching story, controlling non-player characters, and serving as the game's storyteller and referee.



MotW is highly adaptable and encourages customization. Keepers can create their own supernatural creatures, mysteries, and settings, making it easy to tailor the game to fit different themes or settings.

Collaborative World-Building

The game often involves collaborative world-building, where players and the Keeper work together to create the game world, its supernatural elements, and the relationships between characters.


Powered by the Apocalypse

Monster of the Week is based on the "Powered by the Apocalypse" system, which is known for its narrative-driven approach and emphasis on player agency.

Overall, Monster of the Week RPG is designed to capture the essence of supernatural and monster-hunting stories, allowing players to explore a world filled with mysteries, danger, and the unknown while emphasizing storytelling and collaborative gameplay.

Who created Monster of the Week?

Evil Hat Productions produces MoTW content. You can visit their website for more information.

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