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Dungeons & Dragons 5E

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Alyn, Quinny, Butthole and a variety of special guest characters (including Lil’ Pim Pim the Orc Warlord, Not-Peter-Baeylish the Bard and Ranger the Ranger) battle monsters, start unions and adopt wolves with humour, heart, and professional-grade improv skills in their quest to save the world!

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Our HeroeS

Season One

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Laura Hamstra - she/her

Alyn, a white-haired half-elf wizard.

A half-elf wizard who’s left the temple she’s been raised in to search for her father. (she/her)

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Butthole Fartch

Ryan LaPlante - he/him

Butthole, a cleric with a red bushy beard.

A human prince turned cleric of Moonhammer - the goddess of strength, joy and flatulence. Everyone else is sure he made his goddess up. (he/him)

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Quinny Brownbarrow

Tyler Hewitt - he/him

Quinny, a sneaky halfling thief.

A halfling thief who escaped a dangerous prison by serving his full sentence. (he/him)

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Dungeon Master

Tom McGee - he/him

Our D&D podcast Dungeon Master, Tom McGee.

Our showrunner and storyteller extraordinaire.

In Later Seasons...

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Laura Hamstra - she/her

Juniper, a wavy haired shape-changer played by Laura Hamstra.

A shape-changer who carries a magic scroll that tells her how to stop “The Great Collide.” (she/any)

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Tyler Hewitt - he/him


Dragonborn. Chaos sorcerer. The Dumb-dumbs #1 fan. (he/him)

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Reginald Tingler

Ryan LaPlante - he/him

Butthole's red-bearded brother Reginald.

Butthole’s brother from an alternate dimension who served as a cowardly general in an evil army. (he/him)

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Honour System

Tyler Hewitt - he/him

Honour System, the robot who can't lie, played by Tyler Hewitt.

A robot samurai who cannot tell a lie! (he/him)

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declan mccreedy

Ryan LaPlante - he/him

Declan McCreedy, a raven-haired sniper played by Ryan LaPlante.

A veteran sniper who doesn’t want to steal from the rich and give to the poor—he just wants to shoot the rich in the head. (he/him)

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