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Logo for the Pulp Cthulhu podcast, The Mythos Mysteries.


Pulp Cthulhu!

Join gangster and gun-slinger Red, the brawny simpleton Adrian and occult specialist "Old Man" Richter, as these childhood friends return home to try and save the fourth member of their team, their home town and ultimately the world!

Follow these anti-heroes, and see if they can maintain their sanity as they're forced to fight otherworldly horrors!

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Our HeroeS

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Red the rum runner, posing with her gun.

A rum runner, gun fighter and fast-talker extraordinaire, Red is the master of crime and the con. (she/her)

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Adrian diesel

Ryan LaPlante - he/him

Adrian the giant in a tuxedo.

A hulking giant whose mind was shattered by the Mythos, Adrian doesn’t understand death - he thinks he puts people to sleep before he buries them in the woods. (he/him)

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Old Man Richter

Tyler Hewitt - he/him

A portrait of Richter sporting a bowler hat and glasses.

A German immigrant who runs an occult store, Richter is always hunting for conspiracies and info about the Mythos. (he/him)

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Tom McGee - he/him

A portrait of Tom.

Our master of the Mythos. The voice of Helmfirth and beyond!

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