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The logo for the D&D podcast, Curse, Code & Crown.


Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Curse, Code, and Crown is an actual-play podcast styled after classic adventures like The Princess Bride and The Three Musketeers.

A princess trapped in a suit of armour, her disillusioned royal bodyguard and a fungus-worshipping Tortle are all forced to work together to save a world that has suffered under centuries of collapse and despair. Enough darkness, it’s time to bring the dawn.

The Fable and Folly network logo.

Our HeroeS

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Princess Gwendolyn

Laura Hamstra - she/her

A portrait of Gwendolyn trapped in her suit of armour.

The rightful heir to the throne of Orvelle, the Princess ends up betrayed, trapped in a suit of armour and desperate to reclaim her crown and save her people! (she/her)

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Duncan kin Danno

Ryan LaPlante - he/him

Duncan, wearing a feather in his cap.

A disillusioned royal guard yearning for the glories of the past, this duelist and showman finds himself battling to keep his Princess and his hope for the world alive. (he/him)

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Makka Deathcap

Tyler Hewitt - he/him

Makka the druidic Tortle, green mushrooms glow in the background.

A druidic Tortle from the merchant island of Bleen, Makka worships decay and fungal spores as holy parts of “the Cycle” of life and death. (he/him)

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Laura Hamstra - she/her

A portrait of the orc Ita, wearing red-framed glasses.

An orc from the Empire of Numbers, Ita is obsessed with acting logically and mathematically, though she’s pathologically unable to connect with others emotionally. (she/her)

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Dungeon Master

Tom McGee - he/him

The Dungeon Master, Tom McGee looking mysterious in a purple hooded cape.

Creator and voice of the world of Curse Code & Crown!

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